The drug tadalafil citrate is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This disease represents in violation of erection, and then the man becomes unable to have sex. Of course, this is a very unpleasant phenomenon. To remedy the situation was created cialis tadalafil.
So liquid tadalafil is the basis of the drug Cialis. Of all the means to improve potency, it has the most action time – 36 hours. This generic cialis works this way: it relaxes the muscles of the penis, as a result, their blood flows in large quantities. An erection appears and you can go to bed, being sure that everything would be fine. That’s how tadalafil generic works. Efficiency comes after 15-17 minutes after ingestion of the tablet. Tadalafil is available in tablets of 5, 10, 20 mg. At night you can not consume more than 20 mg.
Cialis is an original drug. Also it has more analogues: Cialis Soft, Tadasip, Sealeks, but all cialis generic you can buy online . All these drugs are made based on tadalafil, all of the same properties. Analogs differ from the original in that they have slightly altered the name and they appear after the expiry of the patent on the original.
It must be noted, that generic tadalafil should not be taken for people with cardiovascular disease, cavernous fibrosis, leukemia, priapism, sickle-cell anemia.
Cialis side effects include headache, facial flushing, dizziness, nausea, dyspepsia. These reactions are moderate and minor degree. Drugs that contain tadalafil dosage, will help improve the quality of sex and make love life outstanding event.
Tadalafil should not be used in diseases and indicators:
hypersensitivity to the active substance;
simultaneous reception of organic nitrates;
the treatment of alpha-blockers;
severe hepatic and renal failure;
diseases of the cardiovascular system (unstable angina, cardiac arrhythmia, myocardial infarction and stroke, transferred no later than 6 months);
by children under 18 years old;
degenerative diseases of the retina;
anatomical curvature of the penis;
propensity to priapism.
Doctors strongly recommend not to buy tadalafil online by persons with diseases included in the list of contraindications. Therefore, an effective and safe treatment should strictly follow the instructions for use of it. If you are interested, tadalafil best price you will find in the Internet.
Among the comments about the drug prevail positive. Patients and doctors say high efficacy and goodtolerability of the drug. Buying of cialis online has many fans because of the duration of action and the ability to combine it with food and alcohol.
Reviews of the disadvantages are discussed at the high cost of original themes and some of the side effects. But online cialis is quite affordable, so you can easily get it.
To save and maintain the level of men’s health is a task of paramount importance for every man. Unfortunately, until now this issue has not lost its relevance, requires serious study, the development of effective strategies and tactics to develop prevention and treatment. In addition, the problem of more and more common even at young men. If earlier it was believed that such states are the lot of the elderly, now erectile dysfunction can be seen in thirty years, and sometimes in younger boys. If erection doesn’t appear it is better first to deal with the causes of the problem.