A great number of a men from all the world after 40 years age know what means the erectile dysfunction.

In 1992 US National Institute of Health Issues decided to change the term “impotence” to more kindly term “erectile dysfunction”.

Reasons that leads to the development of erectile dysfunction:

⦁ alcohol abuse;
⦁ smoking;
⦁ using of certain drugs and medications;
⦁ circulatory disorders in penis;
⦁ injuries;
⦁ diabetes mellitus;
⦁ embarrassment in front of a partner;
⦁ psychogenic disorders.

As the result, there are such clinical manifestations of erectile dysfunction:

⦁ decrease or disappear spontaneous erections;
⦁ reduce ability to make repeated sexual intercourse during the day;
⦁ reduce the number of full-fledged sexual acts, ending with ejaculation and orgasm;
⦁ reduce the duration of sexual act;
⦁ additional erotic stimulation is required;
⦁ elasticity of the penis is decreased;
⦁ the intensity of the erection becomes insufficient.

The examination begins with the careful interview with each patient. Where doctor has to find out the patient`s relationship with his partner, the circumstances and age of occurrence of disorder, the presence of nocturnal and early morning erections, the presence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension and so on.

To determine the degree and causes of sexual function disorders, there are questionnaires in which each man is invited to answer for a series of questions.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The treatment of erectile dysfunction is aimed to restore the adequate blood supply and improve oxygenation of penis tissues. Also, man’s normal hormonal quantity. So, for a recovery is important to return the innervation of the penis and the removal the patient’s psycho emotional disorders. As well, surgical procedures can be performed in the case of conservative therapy failure.

At the present time, a widely used medication for erectile dysfunction treatment are special preparations such as: Sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil, Vardenafil.

Benefits of Cialis

Cialis was found as an effective drug that promotes early onset and most importantly the duration of the sexual act. Drug makes an erections stronger, increases sexual desire, makes longer duration of sex. Cialis holds a leading position (in front of its competitors) due to characteristics of medication:

⦁ its action did not slow down, if men used this drug with the glass of wine or with some other alcohol drink;
⦁ the drug is not addictive.

It’s hard to believe, but the body will be ready for vivid sexual exploits 20 minutes and longer after the reception of the amazing pills with Cialis. The duration of medication`s action is 36 hours. Statistically, this time may be enough for 4 erections and more. It all depends on the age and physical health of the patient.