The first signs of erectile dysfunction in men can occur as early as he reaches 35-40 years. It is considered to be, that with such a problem he should immediately see a specialist.
Despite the fact, that erectile dysfunction is rather common problem, mostly people prefer not to talk about it. No big surprise that very few people know, but there are two types of erectile dysfunction – physical and psychological. Physical impotence is associated with various diseases and problems. Weight excess, smoking and other negative factors are prerequisites to the development of serious sexual disorders in men. Erectile dysfunction, which is psychological in nature, occurs due to stress, neurosis and other disorders of the nervous system.

Causes of impotence

This pathology in men is one of those states that can act both as an independent disease, and as a symptom of a disease. The reasons for the occurrence of impotence are variable, and each of it may affect the mechanism of the appearance of an erection. The following factors can provoke such condition:
Diseases of the endocrine and nervous systems;
Hypertension and diseases of the cardiovascular system;
Alcohol intoxication and bad habits;
Injuries male reproductive organs;
Abuse substitutes for natural sex.
Doctors emphasize that frequent self-gratification may also trigger the development of impotence in men. And all because the self-excitation of the penis receptors only simulates sexual intercourse, which leads to defective ejaculation. As a result, stagnation of sperm testicular function deteriorates, which subsequently leads to impotence.

Erectile dysfunction may be a primary or secondary. In the first case the erection in men does not occur at all, in the second – it is highly attenuated. Anxiety should cause the following symptoms of impotence in men:
The deterioration or absence of erectile capacity. Despite a strong desire, man cannot bring the penis into a state of tension;
Incomplete erections. The penis increases in size, but does not reach the necessary condition for sexual intercourse;
The inability to keep an erection for a long time;
Early ejaculation;
Lack of involuntary erections in the morning or in the evening;
Deterioration or a complete lack of sexual desire.
As a rule, enough to confirm the diagnosis of the above symptoms. However, it is worth remembering: the more signs of impotence in men, the more difficult to suppress the development of mechanisms of disease.
The question, than to treat impotence in men in the early stages, is solved by the use of special drugs. Funds designated strictly doctor, promote hardening and an increase in the size of the penis, which allows completing sexual intercourse. Supplementation should be carried out only under the supervision of the attending physician. Only in this case there is a guarantee to get rid of impotence and avoid side effects.
Another effective method is to treat impotence in men is regular exercise, which will help the man to strengthen immunity and to support muscles in tone.