The word “impotence” men often meant defeat, impotence and inferiority. It is believed that the impotent man cannot have sex. In fact this is not quite correct formulation experts have introduced the term “erectile dysfunction” to describe various sexual disorders. When men with erectile problems cannot achieve a good erection or maintain it for the full sexual intercourse, the stimulation of libido and erectile centers is important.
Many men today suffer from violation of erection (almost every second). The disorder can be quite small, but ton psychological level it makes man feels really bad. One should not confuse the two concepts – erectile dysfunction and its complete absence. This breakdown is not only subject to the men in age, but also those who seem still quite young for such problems – people aged 23-30 years. Excessive consumption of alcohol, sleepless nights, in the turmoil of life, illness of a loved one – all of these factors can cause temporary erectile dysfunction. Thus, there are constant failures in sex and they last for years.
For men suffering from erectile disorder, experts advise to get acquainted with the drugs that actively help resolve this very unpleasant, and often even dangerous problem.
So, what is Viagra? Firstly, this drug is the first of the entire range of such funds, which was released to correct erectile dysfunction. Before pills have hit the market, testing and research lasted 4 long years under the best clinics under strict control. In studies involving several thousand men, which were observed for 5 years erectile dysfunction.
The drug Viagra was approved for sale as a means to combat erectile disorder. Viagra has beneficial effects on the

The use of Viagra

Under the influence of this drug:
penis is filled with blood;
reduced muscle wall becomes is stronger;
ejaculated sperm increases in strength;
enhanced sensations during orgasm.
Viagra is based on sildenafil. This synthetic substance has a reliable, proven effectiveness. Viagra helps the body in a natural way to respond to sexual stimulation. It is sold in form of tablets with different dosage blue. Take the drug needed for half an hour before sex. Valid for 4 hours. The first time take the lowest dose of 20 mg, and then may be increased to 50 to 100 mg, if there is a need for this. Take this medication can be 1 time per day. Drinking alcohol along with the drug is prohibited.
Viagra has absolutely no effect on childbearing, even, on the contrary, couples where there is erectile dysfunction, can become more fertile. Viagra has some side effects and may suddenly cause sick head, stuffy nose, become flushed face, increased sensitivity to light. The percentage of men who are having side effects of the drug, is very small.
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