Greece and Rome

This is ancient methods but they are still popular in some places of our planet. People thought that they could beat ED with the help of animals or animal parts which look like a penis. For example, snake potion still one of the most popular way to fight with ED in ethnoscience. Another way – to eat animal’s genital. Animals, which genitals were often used are bull, cock, and goat. In ancient Rome, priests created a special elixir from the head of young foal and used it like an aphrodisiac.


One of the most popular plants in China was ginseng. People used them with tea because it helps to create an erection and save the immunity. Another popular method is acupuncture. This way is still popular and it gets over the China to the every part of the Earth. Small needles put into your body. It helps to expand vessels, which are one of the most important parts of erection.


In 13 century it was one very popular method, which became a reason of a systematic extermination of every wolf to be found. It happens because Germaine priest Albert The Great once wrote in his holy book that if you will roast the wolf’s penis and cut it up into small pieces, this dish could create an excitation and the really strong erection.

The Middle East and Africa

According to popular legend, King Solomon and Queen Sheba used Zallouh herb as an aphrodisiac. In our time, scientists discovered that this herb could really bring a new wave in your sexual life. On the African continent, the same grass known as «Vuka Vuka» (which means “Get up, get up!”). According to Zimbabwe’s national newspaper, this herb is the most popular treatment for impotence.


In India, to fight with ED on the physical and emotional levels, people used Shilajit herb (Mummy) and Ashwagandha (Ashwagandha). These herbs improve the quality of sperm and the penis could have an even more strong erection with age. Besides, these herbs include stamina and enhance sexual pleasure. Today people still use them.
India has also been common practice to fight with impotence by Ayurveda, which included:
– The use of special herbs to recover and rejuvenate the reproductive systems.
– Body massage with herbal oils that act as an aphrodisiac and a soothing agent.
– Yoga classes, meditation for stress reduction and purification of the mind.
– Sleep 8 hours per day.
– Avoiding alcohol and tobacco and other bad habits.
– Creating of a special diet, which includes milk and vegetables.
Every country during the humanity life tried to create their own way of a fight with ED. Some of them are effective, some of them have a placebo effect, but the main idea is – everyone needs to feel pleasure in bed. Today science has a real weapon – Cialis. This pill could give you new emotions and show every part of the magical world of sex and joy. Today everyone could taste it because we understand how important it could be in our daily life.