What it the most important in our life?! Of course, it is our happiness. There are many points our life consist of, but one of the most important – sex side. Sex brings in our life energy and makes us enjoy. All the kind of feelings is able to get only if our health is in shape. There are some reasons which could be an obstruction from full sex life. The first of them – old age, but if someone old it doesn’t mean that sex might be gone! The man could save his sexual activity until the end. Besides, in comparison with a woman, they could be fertile during all his life. Erection dysfunction could appear in any age man’s life. The reasons are too different, but the decision is the only one – medication. Everyone knows the first pills, which could bring strong erection – Viagra, but today we have some more effective pills, for example – Generic Cialis online. In comparison with Viagra, it is necessary to say that there are no real side effects.

How does Generic Cialis work?

If we want to understand it, at first it will be important to look at the erection from the science point of view. The real erection starts in the mind, so that’s why about half of all cases are included psychological part of solving the problem. Before erection, it is important to create relax in smooth muscle. After that artery became to be opened and blood flow became quickly. Blood vessels are one of the most important parts of this process because their condition could play the main role in ED issue.
When sexual stimulation causes local release of nitric oxide, inhibition of PDE5 Tadalafil leads to increased levels of cGMP in the cavernous body of the penis. This action makes the muscles relax and blood flow could create the erection. It is important to say that without sexual stimulation Cialis, like other pills of his group, couldn’t work. Tadalafil does not cause changes in testosterone, luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormone in blood plasma. After getting in, the edge of activity came after 2 hours. Cialis Online could get in before or after eating meals. Food has no influence on Tadalafil activity.

Some word about the history of Cialis creation.

Cialis was produced with the help of partnerships between two big pharmacy giants. First, try was in 1991 year (Viagra’s appearing was in 1995 and it means that history of Cialis is older). In 1993 scientists started some research about inhibitor of FDE-5. In 1995 they found a right dosage of Tadalafil and the research came into the active phase. Tests with man started only in 1997 when the company discovered all effects of this union. In 1998 Pharmacy Company took a decision about the commercial realization of this new pill, but success came only in 2002. Scientists discovered that Tadalafil lasts for 36 hours and this fact create a huge popularity if this new pill, which already has a new name – Cialis. Because of Cialis stays in the blood for 36 hours, it became to be a real competitor for Viagra, which action ends after 4 hours.
Interesting fact! When pill became popular, appeared that many displaced people, who have a surname “Cialis” felt inconvenience, because their surname sounds like erectile dysfunction pill.

Cialis dosages

Cialis makes the blood flows quickly and it has a special influence on heart activity. That’s why it is necessary to take right dosage.
The smallest dosage could be 2, 5 mg. The main action – placebo, but with the help off fast blood circulation, it could really bring some more feelings. It happens because more oxygen came into the brain and our mind starts to work hard.
Dosage with 5 mg. This dosage is optimal to understand what kind of action Tadalafil could bring. If you want to try this pill for the first time, this dosage could give you all the answers.
Dosage 10 mg is able for someone, who has real erection dysfunction from time to time. This dosage is the most popular one, because it put into your body as many Tadalafil, as everyone needs to get a hard erection. Besides, this dosage is correct, when you have some health problems. It can’t get any harmful consequences.
Dosage with 15 mg. This dosage is enough for someone, who couldn’t have sex without such kind of side help like Cialis. It is able to use if the ED is physical, not emotional. The concentration in blood will be too high if this dosage will be taken by someone without ED.
Dosage with 20 mg. This is the highest dosage and there are not so many people, who can use it. Without ED it could get harm to the cardiovascular system.

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